* A wedding reception is the time for and your partner to celebrate your special day with friends and loved ones. 

* Mobile Music can provide you with the music entertainment to get you and your guests dancing all night long.

* We work with you to come up with a library of songs your guests will enjoy by combining songs you want with songs that are crowd favorites. 


* Do we charge for setting up and/or tearing down?    NO

* Do you take requests? Yes 

* Since some songs contain language & content that may be offensive to some people. As long as a song is appropiate for event. However if a song that is requested does not meet genre/style of music. The music contracting party requests we will not play the request song. We belong to a subscribed music pool service. Which we get current music favorites.

* Nor do we play from spodify, Itunes, or any other music listening sites.

* Can I book my event through your website? Not at this time